Photo Classes for Foodies

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Food Styling and Photo Techniques

for Culinary Professionals, Food Writers and Bloggers

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This is a special class to learn how to style and photograph some of our favorite holiday foods. Please see the program below for all the details.

Dates: To Be Determined - please email us throught the contact page if you are interested.

Instructors: Christina Peters, Denise Vivaldo, and Cindie Flannigan
Date: To Be Determined
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. each day with a lunch break. Doors open at 8:30 with pastries and coffee. Class could go until 5-5:30 on Sunday.
Beverages available all day.
Fee: $795 + $20 Paypal Fee
Location: To Be Determined

Please see our policies page for refund and cancelation questions.

Day One, food styling techniques. The day will include:

• cooking for the camera
• cooking in your own kitchen vs. a studio or temporary kitchen
• plate food to show it at its best
• garnish effectively
• edible and inedible styling methods
• temperature, safety and sanitation
• holding and refreshing food
• food styling tips, tricks and techniques:
  1. Shrimp bisque, plating, designing and garnishing
  2. Yam and Potato Au Gratin: designing and garnishing
  3. Brussel sprouts: undercooking, plating and garnishing
  4. Candy Cane Cheesecake: working with frozen product, garnishing
  5. and more!
• project brainstorm—discussion and selection
(each student will have their own project to complete on Day 2)

Denise will be going over many techniques that can be used on all kinds of foods - not just what you see listed above. If your blog is about a specific kind of food, bring food styling questions with you! Denise will cover it in class.

Day Two, all about your camera and shooting your project. The day will include:

• we will start with the basics, F-stops, shutter speed, ISO and how they all work together

• camera settings & white balance fully explained
• camera angle and selected focus - how to get
short depth of field.
• composition
• using props
• natural light vs. studio light
• the use of fill cards, reflectors and diffusers
• students prepare and shoot projects

A little peak into class.

Denise showing how to style the garnish for the tortilla soup.
Requirements: You must have a digital camera - a DSLR and have basic skills in its use. A laptop for downloading what you shoot in class is very helpful but not required. Please also bring all the lenses you have so you can learn what each one is good for.
“Well paced and well planned. You are able to cover the scope and sequence of the course without seeming to rush and without ignoring questions. I learned sooo much and learned what I need to do next. Thank you!”
Mimi H from Escondito, CA
“The class was great! It gave a lot of information, not only about food styling, but also about the camera/photography side to food styling.”
Suzie M. from San Antoio, TX
“The class was great! Denise, Cindie and Tiffany were great! Christina made the photography aspect easy to understand and comprehensive. I’m planning on taking the studio lighting class later this year.”
Zena C. from Cerritos, CA
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