Photo Classes for Foodies


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The Natural Light Food Photography Class Testimonials:

“This class is packed full of great instruction on photography and processing images for the web and print. Its given in a very organized manner that’s easy to understand and take in. Great Job!”
Kris S. Cambria, CA

“Such a great class not overwhelming. Felt like I had plenty of time to shoot and got help when I needed it. I like that you provided the food so we could pick different and interesting items. Learned some great tips on shooting as well as fixing images. LIked the format and structure of the class.”
Mara S. Los Angeles

“The class covered lots of ground and flew by so quickly. Both Christina and Amy are a delightful team, very patient. The class challenges you to think and consider which elements will work well together to create a beautiful composition. Its harder than it looks. The leave behind booklet will serve as a resource step by step guide to how to save files. Can’t wait to recommend this class to friends”
Karen Y. Los Angeles

“Great space and hospitality. Fun, casual, no stress or snobbery about it. Christina made is accessible.”
Josephina L. Los Angeles

“Really enjoyed it and learned lots about lighting and color. Helpful information too on editing to fine tune and finalize pictures. Thank you!!”
Annie S. Los Angeles

“Great class would love to see level 2.”
Lisa C. Los Angeles

“This was an excellent class - very organized. Good handbook. You two really know what you’re doing. I love your enthusiasm.”
Lynne H. Torrance, CA - see what Lynne had to say on her blog - Cook and Be Merry

“I learned new and interesting things on optimizing images for web and print. The advice for taking pictures in natural light was so helpful. Sooooo helpful.”
Marian R. Woodland Hills, CA

“Thank you so much for the class. You and Amy are amazing and I walked away with so much more knowledge than I thought I would be able to get in one day.”
Jimin B. Los Angeles

“Thank you for being so generous with information!!! It is rare when professionals actually know how to teach. It was breath of fresh air. There are a lot of classes out there of very talented people supplementing their income by teaching, and bless their hearts, they don’t have the words to convey their craft in an understandable way. Not only was Christina easy to understand but had the patience of Job when bombarded with questions. I was amazed at how she broke down Photosho for beginners into bite site pieces. I have used Photoshop since it first came out and I still learned new things that will be very helpful to me with web optimizing. Amy was very easy to understand and I loved the “recipe for a great shot” handout. She inspired me to think before styling. I loved watching her work. Great job all the way around!”
Cathy A. Los Angeles - here is Cathy’s blog about the class - She Paused for Thought

“This class really helped demystify how a camera works and helped me understand the fundamentals of good photography.” Here is Daisy’s blog post about this class - Daisy’s World
Daisy T. Long Beach

The Studio Light Food Photography Class Testimonials:

“This class was just as excellent as the Natural Lighting class. I enjoyed them both.”
Carol C. Los Angeles

“This class was so instructive for studio lighting. The explanations and how to set up the equipment and styling of props and food were fantastic. I can hardly wait to go home and set up lights and start shooting! Thank you!!”
Lynne H. Torrance, CA - see what Lynne had to say about this class on her blog - Cook and Be Merry

“Overall you ladies are awesome! You are easy going, nice, fun and you’re chicks! I’ve been learning this technical biz from guys and they just speak their own language sometimes. You make it simple and easy to follow. Thank you.”
Octavia O. Los Angeles

“Loved it! Can’t wait to come to your next class!”
Rebecca S. Los Angeles

“The classes were fun, informative and enjoyed the energy and passion for your work that I felt from both of you.”
Cristina M. from Alpine, CA - here is Cristina’s blog post on this class - Digital Photology

You can see a great write up on this class from one of our students - Bowen Close on her blog Bowen Appetit

The Food Styling and Photo Techniques Class:

“Well paced and well planned. You are able to cover the scope and sequence of the course without seeming to rush and without ignoring questions. I learned sooo much and learned what I need to do next. Thank you!”
Mimi H from Escondido, CA - here is Mimi’s blog post about our class - Mimi Avocado

“The class was great! Denise, Cindie and Tiffany were great! Christina made the photography aspect easy to understand and comprehensive. I’m planning on taking the studio lighting class later this year.”
Zena C. from Cerritos, CA

“The class was great! It gave a lot of information, not only about food styling, but also about the camera/photography side to food styling.”
Suzie M. from San Antonio, TX

“I really loved this class! Everyone was so energetic and eager to learn about all the tricks of food styling which shape every food ad of today, and start their projects! I really enjoyed learning (fully) the basics of the camera settings, and I’m happy I was able to capture my hero shot! I can’t wait to show everyone my shots!”
Jennifer T. from Los Angeles

“Fun, entertaining and informational. I want as much experience as possible, so this was just great experiencing everyones’ projects. Thank You!”
Vanessa R from Chicago, IL

“You ladies were awesome! Great energy! Very easy to learn from. Thank You!”
Octavia O. from Silverlake, CA

“Loved it! I felt like I really learned a lot! I am looking forward to practicing at home.”
Cynthia W. from Pasadena, CA - here is Cynthia’s blog post about this class - What a Girl Eats

“One of the best classes I’ve taken - ever. Talented, interesting students and talented knowledgable (and very entertaining) instructors. Thank You!”
Susan T. from Oak Park, CA

The Business of Photography Testimonials:

"I've found the business end of photography to be daunting. After taking this class I feel as though I have a far better grasp on how a business should be run. I wish I had taken a class like this years ago. Christina does a great job of explaining the ins and outs of running a photography business. I highly recommend this class."
Rebecca S. from Los Angeles

"I appreciate you giving your time to cover very important stuff that rarely gets mentioned in photo classes. We all know how to work a camera, but we don't all know how to work a business. Thanks!"
John F. from La Crescenta

"Great class, and Christina was very thorough and generous with her time. Would recommend to anyone looking to start a photo business."
Daniel J. from Los Angeles

"Hi Christina, I wanted you to know that the class was extremely helpful and well thought out. I am most appreciative. So much information took a lot of time to organize. Well-done! Thanks so much.”
Leba M. from Los Angeles

“I loved it - great info - very comprehensive. You elaborated when necessary. The take home packet of info is perfect!”
Matt P. Santa Barbara, CA

“Very comprehensive, complete, and transparent workshop into the photography business. Highly recommended for any who things they may be missing tax, financial and marketing requirements or opportunities.”
Crystal C. Los Angeles

“As a new photographer looking to start my own business all my questions were answered from starting up to running a business.”
Devon A. Los Angeles

“It’s a lot of information to digest especially at first but it’s very important to know. Its definitely a must for anyone wanting to step into freelancing. Oh and she’s amazing at facilitating and staying on schedule (and she’s a blast to listen to)
Carlo P. Long Beach

“Since I am new in the business I thought this class ended up being a great educational start up for me in terms of direction to what I think about my business and where I would like to go. Thank you Christina!”
Aryaden W. Laguna Niguel

“Awesome class! I would come back for other classes offered”
Tomo I. Los Angeles